The State of the Beaver Conferences
February 19, 20, 21 -  2019

This Year's Theme: Voice of the Beaver


Welcome! This is State of the Beaver conference number 6. Castor canadensis and Castor fiber have so much to contribute to the health and well being of the natural world that is yet to be revealed. Intuitively as civilized societies we know this. Nevertheless little has been done to protect this invaluable asset. This year we are dedicating the conference to speak on behalf of the beaver, its plights, contributions to ecosystem viability and natural solutions to pressing environmental challenges. Authors, media producers, beaver ecology advocates and academics will give voice on behalf of the beaver. An overview of current cutting edge projects and advancements in restoration research will be featured as well.

From its inception the Beaver Advocacy Committee (BAC) has well understood that a lack of data, disinformation and a dearth of understanding regarding the benefits of beaver ecology has dominated many State agency policy making venues. There was also evident a deeply entrenched cultural intransigence and social stigma in local communities associated with beaver in western society. "Grandfather did it this way and so do I."

In contrast to this, many valuable studies have been done by several reputable academic institutions and government agency employees making it clear that beaver ecology a significant component essential to threatened specie recovery.

beaver_sceneAs a result BAC began directing its efforts to gather as much current information that they could find to address restoration ecology issues. A cursory survey of contemporary individuals interested in the science and application of beaver ecology turned up an wonderful array of resources. The end result was the establishment of the State of the Beaver Conference regime. A strategy to consistently meaningfully gather new and old beaver ecology advocates was born.

The conferences are designed to be low budget. Though we value immensely the investments  individuals have made  to glean data and discover critical influences of beaver ecology, we wanted to make the conferences affordable to anyone that wanted to come. At the same time it was important to have the highest caliber of academic and professional standards possible for the purposes of disseminating worthy information and networking. The design was to have science and information meld with grass roots passion and commitment. What value is a published pier reviewed scientific paper if it sits on a shelf or remains in the ethereal realms of intellectual nuance?

Since then we have had the incredible experience of working with deeply committed scientists, academics and visionary advocating individuals at these biennial events. People from across the world have come to the State of the Beaver Conferences to contribute their expertise and passion. Through the awesome venue of world communication we have become a support network to move this critical ecology forward. We do this as people of place connected to our own ecosystem health. The idealism that drives natural science discovery is melded with practitioners of restoration ecology and human infrastructure/nature interfaces. We are grateful for this participation.

We especially want to thank the many individuals who have contributed to the conference successes. There are far too many to enumerate individually. The Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Tribe of Indians has been particularly generous in supporting this work. Needless to say we want to extend our sincere gratitude to Leonard and Lois Houston for their tireless commitment to enhance life in our world.

Registration fees are as follows:

Corporation/Agency-early bird $150.00 USD
Corporation/Agency after Feb 1 $175.00 USD
Student-early bird $70.00 USD
Student after Feb 1 $70.00 USD
Individual-early bird $125.00 USD
Individual after Feb 1 $150.00 USD

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