The State of the Beaver conferences have a long history of high quality presenters from North America and Europe. Over the course of the past decade a plethora of peer reviewed published papers has spawned around the topic of beaver ecology. A broad range of topics has inspired academics and practitioners alike to engage in advancing the beneficial impact of beaver activity in watershed catchments.

If you are an agency personnel, scientist, practitioner or student and would like to contribute a presentation of your work to this conference we recommend submitting the following for review by the conference committee.

  1. A quality picture of yourself.
  2. A designation of your profession and affiliation if any.
  3. A short biography informing the public of who you are.
  4. A title and abstract of the presentation to wish to give.
  5. Your email and contact information.

If there are time slots remaining, upon review we will inform you post hast so that you can prepare for the event.

Thank you for considering adding your information to the momentum of restoration ecology associated with the work of our presenters and attendees.

Submit for information to Leonard Houston at:

Leonard Houston
Beaver Advocacy Co-Chair